Wine Myths We Dislike


Wine can be intimidating and mystical. There are a lot of wine lovers who spread a lot of myths. We asked our very own Master Sommelier Laura Maniec and Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider about a wine myth they greatly dislike.


Myth: Wine has to be expensive to be good and that sommeliers are snobs.

Laura, MS: The truth is that You can find great wine at any price point and if your sommelier loves what they do, they will be proud to point you in the right direction and to help you learn.


Myth: Drink what you like! Wine is easy.

Elizabeth: Nope. That makes people feel worse about not knowing stuff. And if you drink what you like only, you'll never learn or grow.


We also asked our Weekly Tasting Team Members and here are a couple myths we don’t like because they are false and detrimental to the wine experience.


Myth: Wine always improves with age, so every old wine is good wine

Team: That’s completely untrue since most wines are meant not to be aged or ‘cellared’. Wines that are meant to be aged hold very specific sets of traits such as high acidity or higher sweetness. With age, wines that have these features become more balanced. For most wines, the ideal balance in the wine doesn’t work well with age.


Myth: Screw-top wines are low quality

Team: Screw-tops are perfect for wines meant to be drunk without aging. These tops invented in the 1970s are used by many producers, including many high-end wineries. These closures are able to let wine breathe without imparting any flavors while offering lower chances of Cork-tainted bottles.


Myth: Champagne is best in a Champagne Flute

Team: Champagne flutes are festive and known the world over as a glass meant for champagne, but the truth is that a wine glass with a larger bowl, similar to one you'd use for sipping light-bodied white wine. The larger bowl allows for the finer aromas and colors in the wine to shine while letting bubbles escape and feel softer in the mouth. Next time you open a sparkling wine, try comparing a flute and a white wine glass.