Taking Notes On Wine


The world of wine is vast and keeping track of everything you’ve ever experienced can be hard. With every bottle from Weekly Tasting, our Sommeliers offer their guidance in the aromas and flavors that can be experienced in that wine. Wine tasting is a very personal experience outside of the technical notes that come along with each wine. From what the taster is emotionally feeling during the tasting, to the memories a wine may bring up, everyone’s wine experience is a little bit different. For wine lovers new and old, keeping wine notes can be fun and relaxing.

We asked our Sommeliers about their personal wine notes.

What’s something you like to keep track of in your wine notes that others may not?

Master Sommelier Laura Maniec: I keep track of who I drank the wine with, where I was, and what I was eating.

Certified Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider: I'm big into breaking down texture. I've found that over the years it's a make or break for a lot of people and it's rarely addressed in notes. So not just tannic or acidic, but how the two work together and what else is there to make the wine taste how it does.


Here are some other notes you can keep track of as well:

  • What music was playing
  • What kind of lighting/ ambiance were you in
  • When you were tasting
  • How you felt during the tasting
  • What you were watching
  • Who you think may enjoy the wine
  • If the wine was enjoyed during a celebration
  • What your favorite part of the wine was

A great place to keep your wine notes is in your Weekly Tasting Cellar. You can even share your wine notes right from your Cellar. Cheers and enjoy your Weekly Tasting experience!