Perfect Fall Wines


There is something a little melancholy about the approach of autumn.  Shorter days, cooler nights, vacations ending, semesters beginning; summer withdraws as you return to your normal routine.  But wait a minute!  There is so much to enjoy in the autumn and it won’t take long for you to refresh your seasonal excitement. Oktoberfest, Halloween, and Thanksgiving await, but our favorite is the annual excitement of the wine grape harvest! Here are a few selections that really make us think of fall and will be delicious compliments to your autumnal escapades!


1. Valdifalco Morellino di Scansano, 2014

The Morellino di Scansano wine region is the picture of pastoral beauty with golden vines shimmering in the November Tuscan sun. This Sangiovese-dominant bottling is delightfully transportive, matching notes of tart cherry with hints of roasted coffee and warm earth, evoking the autumnal spender of the vineyard soil in which the grapes grow.

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2. Château Tour du Moulin Les Terres Rouges Fronsac 2014

Just downriver from Saint-Émilion and Pomerol, Fronsac has a reputation for rusticity that can be a charming treat in the fall. Merlot gets branded as soft and juicy, but wines from Fronsac show a whole other side of the grapes ability.  Structured tannin and a dark minerality give this wine an edge that will warm you up on a chilly autumn night.

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3. Quinta da Romaneira Douro, 2010

Quinta da Romaneira is a centuries-old estate recently revived by a world-class production team. They’re making great wines on the Douro river that are proving to have serious maturation potential.  With a little time in bottle, this Portuguese blend is starting to express some beautiful woodsy aromatics that complement its mixed berry flavors; the perfect wine for dining al fresco among the autumn leaves.

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4. Di Meo Greco di Tufo, 2015

The only white on our list, Di Meo's Greco di Tufo makes the cut thanks to its noteworthy pairability with fall cuisine.  The wine’s lush body and flavors of ripe stone fruit and savory herbs make it an ideal match for roasted Brussels sprouts, pumpkin soup, and Thanksgiving turkey.  If this bottle makes it onto your holiday table, be sure to let us know if you agree!

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