Fruit And Wine


For beginner wine drinkers, the most immediate thought when tasting wine is, “yep, that’s wine”. Once people start learning about how to taste wine, they can experience many different aromas and flavors, such as spice, oak, vanilla, or fruits. Usually when tasters reference fruits, they generally only talk about fruits they’ve personally experienced. Here are 7 fruits you should try to expand your descriptor options.


Red fruits (ie: cherries, raspberries, pomegranates)

Cranberry- fresh cranberries are only available during the end of the year, and usually come in a bag. Choose a bag that has no soft or mushy berries. The color of the berries doesn’t affect the flavor, so don’t worry if one bag is darker than another.


Dark Fruit (ie: plums, blackberries)

Mission Fig- fresh mission figs are generally available at the end of summer and start of fall. These are very delicate fruits and don’t travel well, so oftentimes, figs are sold dried. If you can find them fresh, look for a non-mushy yet soft fruit. The stem should be attached and not loose.


Citrus (ie: lemon, lime, orange)


Kumquat- these small olive sized citrus fruits are known for being completely edible. Pick up a pack with deep orange colors, smooth skin, and general firmness. The skin is sweet and the flesh is tart. There are seeds, but they’re edible and slightly bitter.


Orchard Fruit (ie: apples, pears)

Asian pear- incredibly sweet and juicy, these pears have a crispness and granular texture that many people enjoy. These pears should be heavy for their size, firm, and blemish free when you select them.


Tropical Fruit (ie: pineapple, papaya)

Passion fruit- small and unassuming, passion fruits are an aroma experience you’ll never forget. Once the fresh fruit is cut open, the seeds and flesh can be scooped out and eaten. Pick up fruits that are heavier than they look, with wrinkled skin that lacks blemishes.


Melon (ie: honeydew, watermelon)

Korean melon- a relative newcomer to the american market, korean melons are roughly the size of 2 fists together. They should be picked up while their skin is yellow and white with a firm flesh that has very slight give.


Stone Fruit (ie: peaches, nectarines)

Fresh Apricot- while people love dried apricots, the fresh fruits are completely different. Pick up apricots that are a little bigger than a golf ball. The skin should be firm with a slight give, blemish free, and wrinkle free.


Enjoy these fruits and keep note of their flavors for the next bottle you open!