How To Use "My Cellar"


Welcome to one of the coolest features of Weekly Tasting: "My Cellar." We love experiencing new wine and sharing the discoveries we make other wine lovers and learners. My Cellar is a great way to keep track of all of the wines you've tried, even on the go.



To access My Cellar, log in to your Weekly Tasting Account. After you’ve logged in, hovering over your name shows a drop-down menu. Select My Cellar.

Once in My Cellar, you will be able to see all the wine that you’ve purchased from Weekly Tasting.

Wines are shown in the form of packs or bottles and can be organized by date of purchase or alphabetical order

Your entire cellar can be shared with your friends. Click “Share my cellar” to send your entire cellar, current and future, with these 3 options:

  • Email address- send your cellar to a direct person and they’ll get be notified by email
  • Facebook- post your cellar to your wall for all your friends to click, or send it in a private message to a Facebook friend
  • Twitter- you will receive a unique link to post to your twitter feed, allowing you to share your cellar with anyone you’d like

Each wine has a digital tasting card, which can be accessed by clicking on the name of the wine. At the bottom of each tasting card, you can write your own comments and notes about that specific wine. These comments can be seen by you and anyone you share your cellar with.

Back on the My Cellar page, each bottle shown has 3 icons below it.

  • Share this bottle- sharing a bottle means that whomever you share the bottle with will see only the shared bottle.

  • Favorite this bottle- favorite the bottles that you love and weekly tasting will send you an email notification when it is back in stock and can be purchased - that way you never miss your favorite bottles!

  • Video of this bottle- explore your wines with guided tasting videos from our certified sommelier, Elizabeth Schneider and master sommelier, Laura Maniec. These videos are always accessible once you’ve purchased a pack and are great for learning about wine and comparing tasting notes.

Sometimes wines that have been in our packs come back into stock and members are able to purchase stand-alone bottles. Wines that are currently available for a la carte purchase will have a banner. You can also see other wines are available once you’ve clicked an available wine’s repurchase banner. Wines that are available for a la carte purchases come in limited supply, so make sure to check your cellar often to see what wines have come back into stock before they sell out. Reminder: by favoriting a wine, you won’t have to check your cellar every day, as you will be notified when your favorite wine is available for repurchase before it sells out.

Above your purchased wines is “my connection’s cellars”. From here, you can see the cellars of anyone who has shared their cellar with you.

To see and edit who can see your cellar, click “edit my connections”.

If there are any questions, contact us on any of our social media handles. We are also accessible through our contact us page, where you can email us or call us Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm eastern. Enjoy your cellar and your wine experience with Weekly Tasting!