Coming Soon: Throwback Week

Coming Soon: Throwback Week


The holiday season is here, and soon, everyone will be scrambling to find the perfect gift for their friends and fellow wine lovers. Weekly Tasting is here to help with our first ever Throwback Week!

From December 4th to the 10th, we’ll be bringing back and featuring six different wine packs. These packs are ones that you loved and wanted a chance to repurchase for other wine lovers for the holidays. We will also be offering 10% off every pack purchased during Throwback week, no code needed!


Here’s a quick peek into the packs that will be offered, as well as the kind of wine lover they’ll be perfect for:


Cheese + Wine: The Perfect Pair  

This pack from Master Sommelier Laura Maniec is ideal for your cheese-obsessed wine friend. You know that friend that asks for extra cheese on everything? They will love these wines with their Pinterest-worthy cheese boards.


Malbec: France vs. Argentina

These Malbecs from Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider are perfect for your favorite wine nerd. They’ll love sipping these bottles side by side and comparing the differences in terroir, texture, and aroma.


Spain & Portugal  

This pack is perfect for your friend who traveled through Spain once or twice and can’t stop talking about how badly they want to go back. (Maybe that friend is you.) Help satisfy their wanderlust with a pack of wines showcasing their favorite travel destination.


Wines You Have To Try 

Do you know a wine lover who also loves hiking, skydiving, and all kinds of wild adventures? They will be thrilled with this wine pack. Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider’s selection of wines that people may not typically try will bring an air of adventure to their wine cellar.


Tour of France

For every wine lover that’s traveled to Spain, there are two who long to see and taste the famous wine country of France. Master Somm Laura Maniec chose four wines that encapsulate her explorations in France, and your Francophile wine friends will love tasting this pack.


The Italian Meal

This family-favorite pack from Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider is perfect for the wine lover that loves spending a weekend in the kitchen. These Italian wine selections would make anyone’s Nonna proud. Give this pack to someone who cooks like Nonna and warms everyone up with delicious Italian food.


For help finding a specific wine pack for your holiday needs, feel free to reach out to